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Thursday, October 28, 2021

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RALEIGH, N.C. – Former four-term Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison today announced plans to file for his former office in the upcoming 2022 mid-term elections. “I am making it official. I will be a candidate for the GOP nomination for Wake County Sheriff in the March 2022 primary. I feel confident about the broad-based support I am receiving from voters across the county and look forward to winning the primary and competing in next fall’s general election,” said Mr. Harrison.

“We are seeing rising crime rates in Wake County. We need a Sheriff who will work on the front lines with the brave men and women working to keep our county safe,” said Mr. Harrison. “We need a Sheriff who can work with the County Commissioners, manage a budget, lead a team of deputies, detention officers and support staff.”

Mr. Harrison said he will roll out a ‘Safer Wake County Plan’ for voters, so they will know his plans if he is elected to serve again as Wake County’s Sheriff.


· Address the mental health crisis in the county by working with EMS and the County Commissioners to provide more in-field mental health professionals to defuse violent situations and assist with overdoses, suicides, and other crisis intervention calls

· Update training programs to reflect changes in policing – making sure the Wake Sheriff’s Office staff has the best and highest levels of training standards in the state

· Aggressive efforts to curb the sale of fentanyl in the county to stop deadly overdoses and reduce the supply side of illegal drugs and violent gang activity associated with the illicit drug trade

· A new recruiting and retention program to fill current vacancies and retain our current deputies and detention officers, work with the county commissioners to improve salary schedules so the Sheriff’s Office can lead the region competing for top tier talent– treating our sworn deputies and detention officers with respect and professionalism

· Restore the Senior Citizens Well Check program to help homebound seniors who live alone, ensuring their safety and wellness

· More deputies on patrol to reduce response times and improve the service we provide to the citizens of Wake County

· Less dependence on local police departments to handle Sheriff’s Office calls

· An open-door policy for any citizen of Wake County to meet and talk with the Sheriff

Mr. Harrison said he would be accountable, accessible, responsive, and transparent.

“I have the background, the experience, and the integrity to serve Wake County. We need a Sheriff’s Office that represents the people of our county and is dedicated to serving and protecting all our citizens and neighborhoods. We need a ‘Safer Wake County.’ I am dedicated to working day and night to bring back the service our citizens deserve,” said Mr. Harrison.

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