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  • Donnie Harrison

Local News Reports Turmoil in WCSO

In the past few days, there have been a number of alarming stories published by ABC-11 and WRAL TV-5 about the Wake County Sheriff’s Office. ABC-11 was reporting that there are more than 160 open positions for deputies and detention officers in the Sheriff’s Office. This is a real threat to our public safety. WRAL TV was reporting that the former chief jailer said the Sheriff’s Office was in a crisis situation when it came to day-to-day management. Jared Ollison, Sheriff Baker’s former Chief Jailer, told WRAL: “I would say the culture is completely and totally one of backbiting, one of insecurity and one of a lot of good employees who have poor leadership.” During the past three years, Wake County has seen a lack of leadership, transparency, integrity, and a commitment to serving and protecting our families and communities.

I will work with Democrats, Independents, and Republicans to restore the people’s trust and confidence in our Sheriff’s Office. I will work across the lines to make sure our Sheriff’s Office provides the best service to the people we are sworn to protect. The people of Wake County need to know they have a Sheriff who can manage the deputies, detention officers, and support staff within the agency. We need a Sheriff who can handle the administrative duties working with our county commissioners and county manager. We need a Sheriff who will work in our communities to ensure we have a law enforcement agency that meets their standards, their expectations, and their needs. That’s the type of Sheriff I was for 16 years. That’s the type of Sheriff I will be again if you see fit to elect me to that office. I would be honored to have your support and vote. Cordially, Donnie Harrison Candidate for Wake County Sheriff

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