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  • Donnie Harrison

NC HB805: “Preventing Riot and Civil Disorder Act”

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Dear Fellow Citizens:

The State House just passed the “Preventing Riot and Civil Disorder Act” (HB805) – with the support of both Republicans and Democrats. This bill’s goal is straightforward: To toughen penalties on those engaging in or inciting a riot. Some people have condemned the bill based on the misguided notion that it limits one’s constitutional right to demonstrate peacefully. It does not. The proposed legislation in no way restricts peaceful, lawful gatherings or demonstrations, rather it targets those who riot, destroy property, harm innocent people, or first responders.

Under the bill, sponsored by Speaker Tim Moore, those who commit such acts of violence could face more serious felony charges and be subject to incarceration. Property owners would also have recourse in seeking payment for damages from those actually responsible for the damages. The rioting bill is similar to legislation passed in other states.

I commend, and express my gratitude to, Speaker Moore and the other lawmakers who supported HB805 and sincerely hope the bill passes the State Senate and becomes law. It will help deter future unrest and wanton destruction of private and public property.

I am running for Sheriff of Wake County. I need your support to build my campaign. Please take a moment to visit my website. I need your endorsement and, if you will, please help by also making a contribution. There are 800,000 voters in Wake County, so running a campaign for Sheriff is no small undertaking.

Thank you and best wishes,

Donnie Harrison

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