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  • Donnie Harrison

NC Overdose Deaths Continue to Climb

WRAL today ran this story on Thursday, Jan. 20th about the continuing climb in drug overdose deaths here in NC.

WRAL News: Fentanyl Overdose Deaths Rise in 2021

Part of my “Safer Wake County” platform is initiating aggressive efforts to curb the sale of fentanyl in the county to stop these sorts of deaths. It is also important to note that the rise in fentanyl overdoses is related to the ongoing border crisis, and we cannot ignore that part of the problem. From the National Drug Threat Assessment: “Mexican TCOs (transnational criminal organizations) are the greatest drug trafficking threat to the United States; they control most of the U.S. drug market and have established varied transportation routes, have advanced communications capabilities, and hold strong affiliations with criminal groups and gangs in the United States." The report continued: "Illicit fentanyl—produced in foreign clandestine laboratories and trafficked into the United States in powder and pill form—is primarily responsible for fueling the ongoing opioid crisis. Fentanyl-laced counterfeit pills continue to be trafficked across the country and remain significant contributors to the rates of overdose deaths observed across the country." "As inexpensive, potent fentanyl continues to push into established heroin markets, fentanyl will augment, and in some cases supplant white powder heroin in various domestic markets," states the National Drug Threat Assessment report. As the next Wake County Sheriff, I will do everything in my power to stop the growing drug epidemic here in our county and also help those trapped by addiction. Together, we will work for a Safer Wake County.

See My Safer Wake Plan Here

Let's all work together to stop this carnage -- impacting too many people and families.

Donnie Harrison

Candidate for Wake County Sheriff

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